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CAS GYW entering into Southeast Asia


In April 27, 2017, the Asian cold chain show open in Thailand , refrigeration exhibitors who come from around the world gathered in Thailand, began a three-day refrigeration show.


  Asian exhibition held many times, renowned in the world, attracted exhibitors to come. To CAS GYW COLD CHAIN SYSTEM (JIANGSU)CO., LTD., the meaning of participating in this show is not only gathered together with cold chain operators, but a spectacular cultural feast. As a newcomer to the world-class refrigeration show, Ms.Caroline, the Director of Sales Department of GYW went to Thailand together with our foreign trade manager Ms.Alice to carry out friendly exchanges with national refrigeration exhibitors.


Facing of foreign friends repeatedly praise, GYW accepted the compliments, it is because we have the quality of products, hard-working team, more benefit policy support us in behind. GYW likes an eagle, is accumulating power for flying. CAS GYW is a win-win cooperation platform, and sincerely welcome like-minded people to join us!


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